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Dave’s Charm School is the only library of business soft skills training designed to accelerate the growth of technology services firms by improving the behaviors, habits, and attitudes of their executives, managers, and employees.

It is 14 courses with over 12+ hours of habit-changing content and unique bonus insights provided by tech industry veteran David Russell.

You also get a robust learning management system to assign courses, track progress, and have your people take exams to confirm gains.


As of 2016, 34 Years in the tech industry. Been a VAR, systems builder, managed services provider, software executive, and serial entrepreneur. Seen it all. Been there, done that. Made mistakes and learned from the errors of others so he can teach you how to be the best you can be.

David’s mission is “No Bad Bosses,” yet he believes everyone is your organization needs to behave like a leader. Soft skills are the key to success no matter what your job title is. David works every week with leaders of all ages to develop their soft skills habits so they communicate better, make wiser decisions, and build stronger relationships.

As CEO & Senior Consultant at MANAGEtoWIN, David’s been called the Leadership Guy for IT entrepreneurs and has spent the better part of his 43 years in business (34 in the computer channel) working with technology entrepreneurs to help them hire, manage, develop, and retain superstar employees. Read more of David’s commentary on leadership, hiring, and company culture at the MANAGEtoWIN blog, LinkedIn and Twitter.

David inspires your people to change with humor, logic, truth, and better habit-forming systems.


Nothing fuels business growth like stronger relationships between employees, clients, vendors, and your community.

This is why Dave is focused on developing your team’s soft skills. Without them, relationships fail to thrive.

Use Dave’s Charm School with existing individual employees, teams, and part of your new employee onboarding program.

Why? It works.

“We have actually measured the success of using Dave’s Charm School with CSAT scores, and we were blown away with how happy customers are now.”
John Wilson, CEO, NRTC


  • Monthly subscriptions
  • 14 trainings, pre-recorded for you
  • Easy-to-use learning management system
  • Exams to confirm learning
  • Choose your learning style: Video, audio, and slide presentations
  • Certification upon completing each course with a passing grade
  • Free support, FAQ, and opportunities to request new features in our LMS and training content

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