for I.T. managed services and other technology services firms

Do you want
happier customers who spend more money with you?

If “Yes,” then Dave’s Charm School is “must-have” training to improve the behaviors, habits, and attitudes of your people so they make customers as happy as you do.

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“Dave’s Charm School is the only soft skill training specifically designed for IT managed service providers and other technology services firms.”
You get a robust learning management system to assign courses, track progress, and have your people take exams to confirm gains.


Dave’s Charm School develops the habits of a person to improve their communications, make wiser decisions, and have a more consistently positive attitude.
Without these soft skills the greatest “hard skills” (technical) professional will fail in costly ways.


Stop having employees offend customers and coworkers.

Instead, learn how to communicate better. Woven throughout all Dave’s Charm School courses is new information, tips and learning exercises for you to develop new communication habits that save time, increase productivity, and improve client satisfaction.


Stop recovering from bad decisions by employees when you are not around.

Instead, teach your people the business fundamentals they need to make better decisions and develop stronger business relationships. They will learn new habits and processes to demonstrate respect, manage time more effectively, and be given more authority to make good decisions on their own.


Stop breeding negative attitudes in your employees.

Instead, train them new habits and processes that promote positivity. Then they can catch themselves when someone triggers negativity, and transform more situations into win-win positive outcomes that are meaningful to them personally and appreciated by your customers.

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Soft skills are how you act rather than what you know. Examples of “soft skills” are attitude, manners, collaboration, problem solving, conflict resolution, documentation, time management, and communication.

The world has changed.
Strong soft skills are now a requirement for highly profitable companies, not an option.

Unfortunately, most of your attention when hiring is a job candidates’ technical skills; and with existing employees,
the focus of professional development is only to increase technical skills. This is a big mistake.

The truth is, these “soft skills” are just as crucial to business success as the more recognized technical, or “hard” skills.

44% of U.S. executives

listed soft skills
as their top concern about job applicants…
… twice the level of the second highest category, technical skills.
Employers are more concerned about weak soft skills
than low technical skills.



The primary cause of customer complaints and employee issues
is not technical skills.

When your people perform poorly, it is because they lack soft skills.

Your employees might be strong technicians, sales, or operations people, but they fail when their behaviors could be better.

Their mistakes damage client relationships, lower productivity, motivate good employees to quit, and often costs $10,000 or more per incident!

Your company can only provide a consistently positive client experience if your employees are fully trained to develop a balance of soft and hard skills. Both types of skills need to be developed continuously.

Dave’s Charm School gives you a low-cost opportunity to avoid unnecessary expenses to your business due to weak and/or inconsistent employee soft skills.

The bottom line is every one of your employees needs to improve their soft skills if you want your company to be its best.

77% of employers

say that soft skills are just as important as hard skills

The “MUST HAVE” for every employee

Dave’s Charm School teaches 14 essential behavioral skills your team needs to know to improve professionalism, work better together, and increase customer satisfaction.

These 14 courses are a result of twelve years’ of work developing the soft skills of hundreds of I.T. help desk and field engineer employees and managers, plus other employees in their companies. Each course is designed specifically for employees working for technology entrepreneurs and managed service providers.

You pay thousands of dollars for technical and sales certifications,
and/or for your people to attend industry events…

but then your people offend or upset customers.

Why wait for another angry client when soft skills training specifically for technology services companies is now available for a low monthly subscription?

Use Dave’s Charm School to:

  • Train a new employee
  • Address a specific weakness within a team
  • Help an employee improve a specific behavior
  • Build upon individual and team strengths
  • Reinforce your company values & culture

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You choose what you want your organization, a single team, or an individual employee to learn. You can prioritize the sequence of learning to improve weak soft skills, or build upon natural strengths. You get to apply hundreds of new insights to develop powerful, new career-building skills and habits within your organization.


All courses and lessons are pre-recorded, and exams available at any time. You can watch a video as a team and discuss how best to apply what was learned as a group. Then each individual can go straight to an exam. Or you can apply learning assignments individually with due dates and track their progress for the lifetime of your membership.


Exams are organized by lesson per course. This enables your people to learn specific skills and consider how to apply them, before applying recommended processes to develop better habits.

Whether individuals are developing their soft skills on their own or as a group, students may take exams at any time. This testing is important because you want to know they learned something that can improve their career and your organization. A score of 80% is required to pass any lesson.


Dave’s Charm School is comprehensive training to develop people in three areas critical to every employee’s success:
Communications, Decisions, and Attitude.
Each course can train an entire team or 1:1 with individuals, from entry level to seasoned professionals.

All 14 Dave’s Charm School courses contain:


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